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University of York

Recently voted best city in the UK for human resources and quality of life, and in the top five for business investment (Local Futures, 2013), York has much to offer potential investors.

Less than two hours from London, with 35 daily services, and under one hour 15 minutes from four international airports, the city has excellent transport links – and with its ultra-fast broadband plans, is set to become one of the most digitally-connected cities in Europe.

Two world-class universities, along with the UK’s founding Science City, provide a rich source of innovation and continuous expansion of an exceptionally qualified workforce.  And the inimitable quality of life York affords through its cultural vibrancy and outstanding physical environment means York consistently attracts business and retains talent.

It is regularly voted one of Europe’s favourite cities, and attracts seven million visitors each year. York is an international business destination of choice and consistently one of the UK’s fastest growing economies.


York Central – the largest brownfield site in europe next to a railway station

York Central is a 35 hectare brownfield site on the edge of York City Centre, a 10-minute walk from the central shopping core. It is the city’s key regeneration site, and will accommodate a large-scale urban extension. The highly sustainable site incorporates York Rail station, a central national rail hub for North-South and East-West services, and the National Railway Museum, a world-class visitor attraction. As one of the most premier locations for development available in York, it brings huge opportunity for a Central Business District geared at a major employer in the higher end professional services industry.

The redevelopment of the site is of strategic importance to both York and Leeds City Region’s economic growth. The site is anticipated to accommodate 125,000m2 of commercial space (office and retail), including the development of the proposed Central Business District, and 1,070 homes.


Heslington East

Associated with the outstanding University of York, Heslington East is one of the most exciting and strategic sites in the city. This large landscaped and serviced site is situated on the city’s southern ring road and includes 65ha of developable area. The site is being developed to accommodate a combination of University related and commercial activity to form a world class open innovation zone.

The university has invested over £200m in infrastructure, academic, residential and commercial buildings and related facilities at the site since 2007. The site can accommodate up to 25ha of commercial development linked to the university’s science and technology base and further development on the site will complement the university’s existing science park (York Science Park) and help reinforce the city’s capacity as a national and international destination for research-based and high tech enterprises.


Local Plan – Package of sites

There is further opportunity for a full range of sites across the city to become available for development.  As part of its local plan development, the Council has proactively undertaken a call for sites to identify interest from landowners for currently unused or underused sites which have potential for development over the next 15 to 20 years.

This has identified over 500ha of developable land including 21 employment sites and up to 61 housing sites. Opportunities include the potential for 2 ‘New Towns’ at Clifton Moor (4,020 units) and Heslington East (5,580 units). Taken together this package of sites offers exciting new opportunities for developers and inward investors to gain a foothold in a unique and growing market.

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